W.O.W.’s First Book Signing ~ Huge Success

U Grow Girl! ( hosted my FIRST BOOK SIGNING!  It was such a blessing! 

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and support!

Ace Fam Bam!

U Grow Girl!


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Happy Birthday Lil’ Wes!!!!


He went from this…


…to THIS in a matter of seconds!!!

I call him my ‘Organ Defroster’ because he melts my heart away.  WOW!  That was corny, huh? He really does something special to my heart though.  I never knew I could love this hard and with so much compassion until he came into my life.  He can do something soooooooooooooo terrible (like stick his whole hand in a jar of vaseline and then wipe his hands off on the comforter) and I will be extremely upset for about 5 minutes 23 seconds – if even that! Then I look into those gorgeous, “please- forgive-me”eyes and all is forgotten.  It just reminds me of the love and grace that Jesus has for us everyday, although his sympathy is on another scale that I can not touch with a ten foot pole.  I praise God everyday for blessing me with a beautiful, healthy, kind-hearted, and the most fun son in the whole wide world. 

Happy Birthday Lil’ Wes!!!! Mommy loves you ~ FOREVER! 


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Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands


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Don’t You Wish He Could Read Your Mind?


A SAHM always appreciates a little unsolicited help around the home from her hubby. The problem is that most men don’t get hints, so the rolling of our eyes and the disappointing sighs mean nothing to him. It’s important for SAHMs to be CRYSTAL CLEAR in stating our specific needs and desires to our husbands. I can almost promise you… he doesn’t know! He thinks everything is “fine and dandy”. Even if he sees you with bald patches in your head from stress because you are literally carrying the house on your back while having a baby latched to your breast ( we’re talented aren’t we?), he’s thinking, “She’s just PEACHY!”

Remember that a closed mouth won’t get fed, so it’s imperative to make your requests known. “Honey, can you change the baby’s diaper for me?…Sugar Plum, I am having difficulty getting the twins ready, can you be a doll and start breakfast for us?” You can’t go wrong if you ask, but if he consistently says “no”, that is a whole other can of worms.

I just know that I always expected my husband to just KNOW. But he didn’t ladies. HE DIDN’T!!! I don’t know how he didn’t, but HE DIDN’T and after reading enough relationship books, my assumptions were correct: I didn’t marry a dummy…I married a man ~ a smart man at that. And guess what? He justs needs a roadmap. So ladies, guide them.

Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands

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Mother of All Ideas Contest!

Howdy to all of my fellow Mommy Inventors and Entrepreneurs!  I just wanted to share this great opportunity to win a grand prize of $2500 for your great idea!  This is Mommy MD Guides first annual Mother of All Ideas Contest.

Check it out! You never know where your idea can take you.

Deadline July 15, 2011

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of my book!

Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands

Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands: Invaluable Insights from Those Who Know Best

Now available as an ebook!


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Papa Didn’t Raise No Fool


Over 710,000 hits on You Tube!!!

I wanted to post this blog with the sole purpose of making you smile.  You can’t help but crack a grin after watching this video of my father and I getting our boogie on at my wedding in 2006. This was so much fun. You have to admit, we were getting down! Pops was grooving!  WOW… I must be getting old. Who says grooving anymore?

Anyhow, my father and I have more than dancing as our special bond. I totally get my creative genius from him.  Since I’ve known this man (from birth about 25 years ago…wink wink), he has come up with about 11,780,345 inventions.  This averages out to be about…hmmm.. A LOT every year!  He used to call a family meeting every time he came up with a new idea and we would shoot ideas back to him on how he could improve his invention and also let him know whether or not someone would actually buy it.  In fact, our most exciting moment was when his product qualified to be on QVC.  QVC guys!!! Can you believe it?  This is every inventors dream and he did it!   

 You should see the little doodads he has around our home.  When he sees a need, he fills a need.  Even if that means inventing a mirror stand, connected to a hand mirror, that is placed on top of the bed to reflect what’s on television while someone is sitting on the toilet in his master bedroom.  You can watch tv  – or tv on the mirror, for that matter- and sit on the potty all at the same time!   Now if that’s not evidence of extraordinary intellect, I don’t know what is.  Overall, this guy is a hustler- the legal kind- and I always admire how he (as an entrepreneur for over 30 years) made things happen.I just love this dude.  He’s the greatest! 

Since becoming a stay- at- home mom, I, too, have come up with myriads of inventive products that makes life just a little bit easier.  Let’s just say that I am his little twin with ovaries, lengthy hair, two pierced ears, and a coke bottle figure (don’t I wish!) .And most recently, we both became published authors!!! Check out both of our books.

(W.O.W. = words of wisdom)

W.O.W. – The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful earthly father.  You never know what influence you have on your children.  Make it good!  I learned from my father that hard work eventually pays off and to never give up.  He is now working on invention number 11,780, 346  and I will be right there to listen and shoot my ideas back to him.


Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands

Author:  Nikki Ace

How To Be Black Only On Weekends

Author: Tom Williams


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My Long-Awaited First Book is Now Available!!

Use this link:

Barnes &

Many people talk about it, but very few ever follow through… but I have!   I can’t believe I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!  We ALL have a story to tell, knowledge to share, and words of wisdom that does no good if we keep it in our little, or in my case, BIG head.  So be inspired, get ready to share, and write a book!!

Title: Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands : Invaluable Insights from Those Who Know Best

The perfect MOTHER’S DAY gift!
What does your wife or husband really want to say to you that they may be keeping in secret?
Are there any other moms out there that feel discouraged? Or dads that feel overwhelmed?
How do your children view you as a parent and as a partner in your marriage?
Be CONVICTED, ENCOURAGED, and LAUGH all at the same time as you read
this compilation of enlightening advice!
“I am not a stay-at-home mom, but I found this book to be a great read for ALL moms, wives, dads, husbands, and anyone interested in becoming one.” 
-Nadine, Registered Nurse
Married 18 years
Mother of three children
Please support NIKKI ACE by purchasing this book for yourself or as a gift
for someone special and leave a REVIEW on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles to spark interests in others.
Thank you so much!

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Do You See What I Have to Deal With?

I think the pictures will say it all. 
Wesley and I have a Silly Willy on our hands! 

Why Lil Wes? Why?




We were attempting to take family photos for the back cover of my up and coming book (soon to be released on Amazon, by the way) entitled Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands. Sorry, I had to have a promotion moment

Anyhow…we must have taken 2,342 pictures and this is how the photo shoot turned out.

Are you having trouble breathing babe?

PHOTO #356

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came ...

PHOTO #1,328

Now you are just being downright rude. The camera is WEST and you are looking NORTHWEST. Lil Wes... focus, focus, focus.


PHOTO #1,876


Finally, we were able to capture the winning shot.  WooHoo! Hurray for patient photographers a.k.a Grandpa and Grandma. Let’s also not forget those longsuffering models – hence, mommy Nikki and daddy Wesley.




PHOTO #2,342


GOTTA LOVE that precious lamb of mine.  He is the only one who has the ability to make me frustrated, laugh, and melt my heart simultaneously.  Now, I could’ve gotten upset after PHOTO #2,001 when Lil Wes decided he was throwing in the towel.  He figured WE were wasting his time.  If I can remember correctly, I believe he said he had more important things to do, like run around the backyard with his wagon as he is  bound to discover the cure for cancer – or at least that’s how “important” he makes his play time seem.

The life of a 2 1/2 year old: All play, no work. Well, that is until he realizes that vaccuming is actually a chore. Shh!!! He doesn’t need to know. And no I am not infringing on any child labor laws, so there is no need to call the authorities.

To say the least, I got the shot I wanted and if I may say so myself, we look FAB-U-LOUS!  Bellissimo!!!

Really, is being a mom suppossed to be this much fun? I am having a ball!


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