Papa Didn’t Raise No Fool


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I wanted to post this blog with the sole purpose of making you smile.  You can’t help but crack a grin after watching this video of my father and I getting our boogie on at my wedding in 2006. This was so much fun. You have to admit, we were getting down! Pops was grooving!  WOW… I must be getting old. Who says grooving anymore?

Anyhow, my father and I have more than dancing as our special bond. I totally get my creative genius from him.  Since I’ve known this man (from birth about 25 years ago…wink wink), he has come up with about 11,780,345 inventions.  This averages out to be about…hmmm.. A LOT every year!  He used to call a family meeting every time he came up with a new idea and we would shoot ideas back to him on how he could improve his invention and also let him know whether or not someone would actually buy it.  In fact, our most exciting moment was when his product qualified to be on QVC.  QVC guys!!! Can you believe it?  This is every inventors dream and he did it!   

 You should see the little doodads he has around our home.  When he sees a need, he fills a need.  Even if that means inventing a mirror stand, connected to a hand mirror, that is placed on top of the bed to reflect what’s on television while someone is sitting on the toilet in his master bedroom.  You can watch tv  – or tv on the mirror, for that matter- and sit on the potty all at the same time!   Now if that’s not evidence of extraordinary intellect, I don’t know what is.  Overall, this guy is a hustler- the legal kind- and I always admire how he (as an entrepreneur for over 30 years) made things happen.I just love this dude.  He’s the greatest! 

Since becoming a stay- at- home mom, I, too, have come up with myriads of inventive products that makes life just a little bit easier.  Let’s just say that I am his little twin with ovaries, lengthy hair, two pierced ears, and a coke bottle figure (don’t I wish!) .And most recently, we both became published authors!!! Check out both of our books.

(W.O.W. = words of wisdom)

W.O.W. – The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful earthly father.  You never know what influence you have on your children.  Make it good!  I learned from my father that hard work eventually pays off and to never give up.  He is now working on invention number 11,780, 346  and I will be right there to listen and shoot my ideas back to him.


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Smart…in Secret

Photo Credit: Angie Hill Pictured: Braxton

I give up! I think my recently turned 2-year-old son likes playing this little joke on me. Maybe you can take a look into my world and explain this swindle my little man has mastered.
Now one of the biggest benefits of being a full-time stay-at-home mom is the versatility I have with my responsibilities. By far, being a teacher to Lil’ Wes has been more rewarding than words can describe. Well actually it depends on the day. Sometimes I don’t feel too proud of my accomplishments because for the most part I am the only one that sees it. Again, I think Lil’ Wes is playing tricks on me.
Everyday I allot a certain amount of time dedicated for school where I am the teacher and Lil’ Wes is my student. By the way, he is at the top of his class – although he’s the only one in it. I’ll teach Lil’ Wes the alphabet and he’ll recite his ABC’s confidently – even do some of them in sign language. He’ll learn his numbers 1-10 and not only does he recognize the numbers, say them in order, but he’ll make a representation of the numbers with Cheerios (2 Cheerios = 2) or with his blocks (4 blocks = 4).
If you walk into our house you would think you just entered a preschool. With corresponding words taped around on household objects there is no doubt that there is some serious learning taking place. When I read Lil’ Wes his favorite book on shapes, he knows his circles from squares, his rectangles from triangles, and even his octagons from his pentagons. He’ll see a door and yell out “Rectangle!” He’ll see the wheels on a car and scream “Circle!”. Even when we are driving, as best as he can, he’ll shout out “Oc- gon” for octagon when he sees a stop sign.
There is no doubt this boy is truly amazing. He’s quite a genius, a rising star, not to mention a mastermind …. IN SECRET! Just let me try to show his brilliancy off to family or friends.

“Lil’ Wes, can you say your numbers?”
He responds, “ 2, 3, 5…”

Obviously he needed a little bit of assistance. What ever happened to #1 and #4?

“Okay honey, can you say your ABC’s?
Without hesitation he says, “B, C, D, 2, square…”

First of all, I find it quite interesting that he likes to start with the second number and letter in both the numerical system and the alphabet. It never fails.

Let’s just say that Lil’ Wes doesn’t work his best under extreme pressure. When all eyes are on him, he actually starts wiggling, kicking, and dancing. When others are around, he is more focused on getting his groove on than getting his alphabet correct.

For all he knows we want to see a show. So what does a performer do? He performs. I guess reciting the ABC’s and 123’s is not in his repertoire for public eyes to see or ears to hear. But when it is just Mommy and him, he does everything perfectly – he’s my Baby Einstein. I got to hand it to the kid- he is pretty clever. But this trick he has up his sleeve is making me wacko.
I remember when Lil’ Wes was a little over one years old. I would be so excited when my husband came home from work to show him that Lil’ Wes was recognizing words on index cards. My husband sat down for the 23rd time that week, just as excited as the first, to see his son say the words Mommy has been teaching him. Hoping not to disappoint again, for the 24th time, I’d shown Lil’ Wes the index card with the word ELEPHANT. Much to my dismay, he looks at me like he has never seen this index card before in his life and then he has the audacity to start dancing. How embarrassing? So what’s left for me to do? I dance with him.

To say the least, I just give up! I give up on trying to showcase my sons intellectual talents that he just wants to keep concealed until he’s ready. I am starting to realize that this is one of the perks of parenting – you can’t really force a kid, especially a toddler, to “tap dance” when you want them to. In fact, the less I put Lil’ Wes on display in a glass case, the more he spontaneously shows his “hidden” talents.

Man, kids always have a way of making adults look crazy.