It’s 5:00 pm.  Almost SHOWTIME!

This means it’s time for you to prepare for your Oscar-Worthy performance. Your audience will be home by 5:30 pm, which means you only have 30 minutes to lay the groundwork to your act.

After reading the title to today’s manuscript, The Stay-at-Home-Mom that Actually Works, you get pumped and whisper words of encouragement to yourself, “I got this. I can do this well.”

So, you go to your trailer, that just so happens to be your bedroom, and you start getting ready. You grab your apron from your wardrobe. You sit in the make-up chair and have your toddler make-up artist powder your cheeks with flour to give your performance a more dramatic touch.  And to add that extra ‘umph’ to your appearance, you train your children – that are just absolute angels all day – to cry hysterically and pull at the hem of your skirt out of a dire need, just at the right time.

You rehearse your lines and reconsider the tone of your voice because it wasn’t convincing:  Melancholy is what you are aiming for.  You do a dry run right before your audience comes into the house and you nailed it.  It’s perfect!

Okay, now the real show is about to begin. It’s 5:30 pm.  The curtain, also known as the front door, opens and…  A STAR IS BORN!  Or, at least that’s what your husband thinks.  The sly look of skepticism on his face is a clear indicator that he believes your genuine reality is simply a sham.  And he waits, and waits, and waits for you to take your bow, however this is no act.

He thinks that you have just been kicking back all day.  You find yourself in a frequent struggle getting him to believe that you actually work and that the way you contribute to the family – although not monetarily – is priceless.

In The Stay-at-Home Mom and the Husband that Resents Her, Nikki Ace uses her personal experience to:

* illustrate how seeking God fervently helped her to appreciate her value as a wife and a stay-at-home mom

* demonstrate how applying biblical principles to her marriage gave her insight and clarity on how to be the best player in her role, consequently bringing out the best in her husband

* reveal how she developed more understanding of her husband’s perspective and his expectations of her

* debunk the myths that plague stay-at-home moms

* present a marriage that is a continuous work in progress and to celebrate how God’s unchanging hand persistently blesses this union