Happy Birthday Lil’ Wes!!!!


He went from this…


…to THIS in a matter of seconds!!!

I call him my ‘Organ Defroster’ because he melts my heart away.  WOW!  That was corny, huh? He really does something special to my heart though.  I never knew I could love this hard and with so much compassion until he came into my life.  He can do something soooooooooooooo terrible (like stick his whole hand in a jar of vaseline and then wipe his hands off on the comforter) and I will be extremely upset for about 5 minutes 23 seconds – if even that! Then I look into those gorgeous, “please- forgive-me”eyes and all is forgotten.  It just reminds me of the love and grace that Jesus has for us everyday, although his sympathy is on another scale that I can not touch with a ten foot pole.  I praise God everyday for blessing me with a beautiful, healthy, kind-hearted, and the most fun son in the whole wide world. 

Happy Birthday Lil’ Wes!!!! Mommy loves you ~ FOREVER! 


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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lil’ Wes!!!!

  1. What a great post! I love how you compare the Lord’s mercy to a mommy’s forgiveness of her child…so right on!

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tiny Wes! You, GRAND-One, make your grandparents sooooo happy! God bless you! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Sending BIG time peACE n love to U all ways! Ms. Ace n OG

  3. Oh so true…it’s something about children. They make a gloomy day, sunny and bright. Happy Birthday Lil Wes.

    1. Please believe! And with all this ‘June Gloom’ I need some sunshine, so I just look at him.
      By the way, I love Lil’ J-dog’s new haircut. He is way too much cuteness. Love ya!

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