Don’t You Wish He Could Read Your Mind?


A SAHM always appreciates a little unsolicited help around the home from her hubby. The problem is that most men don’t get hints, so the rolling of our eyes and the disappointing sighs mean nothing to him. It’s important for SAHMs to be CRYSTAL CLEAR in stating our specific needs and desires to our husbands. I can almost promise you… he doesn’t know! He thinks everything is “fine and dandy”. Even if he sees you with bald patches in your head from stress because you are literally carrying the house on your back while having a baby latched to your breast ( we’re talented aren’t we?), he’s thinking, “She’s just PEACHY!”

Remember that a closed mouth won’t get fed, so it’s imperative to make your requests known. “Honey, can you change the baby’s diaper for me?…Sugar Plum, I am having difficulty getting the twins ready, can you be a doll and start breakfast for us?” You can’t go wrong if you ask, but if he consistently says “no”, that is a whole other can of worms.

I just know that I always expected my husband to just KNOW. But he didn’t ladies. HE DIDN’T!!! I don’t know how he didn’t, but HE DIDN’T and after reading enough relationship books, my assumptions were correct: I didn’t marry a dummy…I married a man ~ a smart man at that. And guess what? He justs needs a roadmap. So ladies, guide them.

Words of Wisdom to the Stay-at-Home Moms and Their Husbands

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4 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish He Could Read Your Mind?

    1. LOL…I’m tryin’ to say that men and women are different. No one is less than the other. We just aren’t the same and where it comes natural for women to offer help without having to be asked, it’s different for some, if not most, men. You included SIR!
      Bwah ha ha!

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