Ace of SAHMs Creed



I am an Ace of SAHMs

Ace of SAHMs stand on solid ground with our faith in Jesus

Ace of SAHMs are positive and determined, bold and confident

Ace of SAHMs do what’s right, despite how challenging, for the benefit of the family

Ace of SAHMs ignore those who are discouraging

Ace of SAHMs work on their weaknesses until they become their strengths

Ace of SAHMs see every setback as preparation for a bigger comeback

Ace of SAHMs sacrificially love their children and husband

Ace of SAHMs also know that they are so VALUABLE to receive the same concession

Ace of SAHMs attitude is above reproach and conduct beyond criticism

Ace of SAHMs do not give up…do not give in…do not give out

As an Ace of SAHMs, we will put forth our very best efforts

to be the best wife and mom we can be,

consequently giving all the glory to God.

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