Are You the Hen or the Hog?

There is this parable I once heard that I found to be quite interesting and very relatable. Do you want to read it? Well…here it goes -with a little twist.
There was a hog and a hen enjoying their daily walk in sunny California on a Sunday afternoon. As they walked by a church in session, they overheard the pastor’s sermon with the subject: “How Can We Help the Needy?” Interested, both hen and hog sat down to reflect with great intensity. The hen excitedly said, “ I have a great idea. We can give the needy a bacon and egg breakfast!” After a moments thought, the hog gave the hen an evil look and challenged him to think about the words that just came out of his mouth. “ If you are only giving your eggs, that would merely be a contribution. Whereas for me, it would mean a total commitment!”, the hog retorted.
The nerve of that hen!  How dare he? Actually, when you think about it, a lot of us are living our life like the hen. The purpose of this parable can parallel to so many circumstances -from our relationship with God to our relationship with people we surround ourselves with. Right now, I want to focus on my relationship with my hen…ooops… I mean husband.
How many times have you felt like you were the one in your marriage giving your all and all while your mate seemed to give only a portion? Despite the fact that there are some days I can’t fit into my skinny jeans, there are times when I feel like the hog in my marriage. Been there…done that.
But if you ask my husband the same question, he would say that he, too, has felt like the hog and that I was in fact the hen on occasion. Well, that’s funny. I didn’t expect that. I thought I always gave my all. He sure fooled me…excuse me while I scratch my neck in embarrassment.
What it all boils down to is communication and devotion. Husbands and wives (shamefully I include myself) need to stop treating their spouse like a Goodwill Donation Center – making random contributions here and there. My goal is to be more cognizant of my husbands’ wants and needs, while affirming him when he fulfills my desires. In order for marriages to work, there needs to be a total dedication from both parties to lessen the chance of ever having to plan a ‘divorce party’. No matter if my husband is “oinking” or “clucking”, I will love him with no limitations. But I sure do fancy bacon and he does too (as long as it’s crispy).

12 thoughts on “Are You the Hen or the Hog?

  1. girl i feel you…i sometimes feel like the hen, whereas my hubby is the pig. With working with my little crazies it’s soooo easy to be the hen so I have to readjust my thinking so I can be more like the pig.

    great post

  2. Yeah Chineye! I am guilty as charged. A hen… I am. But, I am striving to be a better hog. That just doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean. It’s easy to get so consumed in other things that we lose focus of what’s most important. And to me, my hubby is #1 on my list, so I need to act like it!
    Thank you for your great input. Much love!

    1. Awww! Thanks Ms. Ace Sr. Let’s say it together and yell it out proud.
      ” I strive to be a HOG!”
      U GROW GIRL! – right back at you.
      Loving you to infinity and beyond! (I just heard a Toy Story commercial so I had to write that.)

  3. Girl — you are calling out too many folks! LOL! But seriously, this is a great parallel–I’m gonna try to remember to be more of a pig from time to time (never thought I’d utter those words…)

    Awesome post! You’re so inspiring..

  4. love this…. most of the time i am a pig….lol… but there are times i am a hen… i guess that’s in all of us…we want to do….but not too much….i am going to share this story with my kids….it would make a great lesson….thanks


    1. Hey hopelessly crushing on you!(By the way, I just love your name.)
      Well, the good thing is that we are able to recognize the “hen” and “pig” in us. Some won’t even admit it – they think they always give their all.
      This is a great story to tell children and I am so glad I was able to share it with you. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Great post! It’s so true – I’m afraid I often get into a habit of feeling hard done by and don’t (refuse to) notice what my husband is actually doing because I’m too busy feeling like a martyr. We do see the same event differently and my interpretation of his words and response can be incorrect so talking about things is SO important, as is appreciating the other person and not asking for something unreasonable.

    1. I am right there with you girl! Communication is so important since we misinterpret each other so often causing preventable disagreements.
      Thank you so much for leaving your great response! I hope to hear from you again in future posts.

  6. Oink!Oink! I’ve heard this parable before and have never thought to relate it to my marriage. Great advice.

    1. Girl, I unintentionally relate EVERYTHING to marriage. If I read about someone going to jail… I think of marriage. When I drink grape juice, I think about the sweetness of marriage. I just love it! – Ups and downs.

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