SAHM = Stay-at-Home Mom = Champion

Nikki Ace and Lil' Wes

Wow! I am so excited about officially writing my first post of many to come. My hope is to make you smile as you realize that you are not alone, laugh until your head falls off because of topics you can totally relate to, and for you to be empowered with the occasional conviction or two- making you a better wife, mom, husband, or father.

Let me introduce myself. I am your Ace of SAHMs (Stay-at Home Moms, pronounced ‘Sams’), better known as Nikki Ace. I call myself the Ace of SAHMs because I am a champion at what I do. I am a wife and a mom – I think that says it all. Now where’s my trophy?

Despite the mere fluke that my last name is actually Ace, I believe that ALL moms should feel like they are an ‘Ace’ (synonymous with champion) –whether employed or not. All moms are champions when they put their family first. It is taking some time, but I am doing my best to give my family world-class service with my daily efforts of becoming the best mom and wife that I can be and I encourage you all to do the same.

I am proud to say that I love the Lord Jesus Christ, the ultimate champion, with all of my heart and that he has blessed me with almost 4 years of marital bliss. Marital bliss? Sounds too good to be true, huh? Probably because it is. Although, my husband and I have been undoubtedly happily married, it has never been a fairy tale. As we literally had to “learn” each other, we realized that there were things about each one of us that we thought were deficiencies. But really, they were just our differences. So obviously, this initially put a damper on our marriage as we were slowly creeping into the understanding that, “Hey, you don’t think like me?”

And then comes the baby. This adorable little creature we call Lil’ Wes joined our lives on June of 2008. At almost 2 years old, I get a daily dose of unintended exercise as I attempt to keep up with my son’s full of life personality. Gotta love him! He makes me feel like a champion everyday.

Our decision for me to resign my 7-year span of teaching to become a full-time SAHM had an effect on our marriage like being hit with a ton of bricks. I never knew life could be so hard. I thought choosing to be a SAHM would be easier than my past endeavors. Hey, the hard part of my life is over –or at least I thought. I graduated college and had a successful career. How hard can being a SAHM be?

I quickly learned that making this decision impacted my life in more ways than one. With some much-needed insight from other SAHMs, I realized that becoming that champion that I yearned to be, takes some serious effort and work. My blogs will be a testament to how the Lord shows up, changes hearts, and showed me how to love the way he loves. Because only a champion is capable of influencing future champions.

What is a Champion?

A Champion’s Creed…

Champions get up one more time than they have been knocked down.
Champions give their all no matter the score.
Champions do what is right even when it hurts.
Champions know winning is not necessarily measured by the final score.
Champions take a stand for what is right, even when they stand alone.
Champions see every challenge as an opportunity.
Champions make those around them better.
Champions do the right thing even when no one is watching.
Champions dedicate themselves to prepare for success.
Champions put the success of others above individual achievement.
Champions understand winning is not the only thing.
Champions live by a higher personal standard.
Champions stand firm when others around them fall.
Champions live what they speak and speak what they live.
Champions lay down their own desires for the benefit of others.
Champions willingly accept responsibility, and graciously deflect honor.
Champions never sacrifice what is best for something good.
Champions may fail…but they never quit.

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8 thoughts on “SAHM = Stay-at-Home Mom = Champion

    1. I am growin’ girl! You’ve been an integral part of me trying to make it to the top, so I would never dare forget you when I get there. U GROW GIRL!

  1. You make a mother proud. To see you persue your passion and know that you will make it work. Much Luv to you.


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